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Australian Solar Company Improving Residential PV Monitoring

An Australian company has received a 2.1 million dollar grant to expand its rooftop monitoring technology.

As originally reported by Sophie Vorrath for RenewEconomy:

The company, which is now part owned by AGL Energy, and developed the Solar Command App, has plans to install its smart solar monitoring technology in 25,000 homes by 2020—so far, it has signed up are than 12,000 users in Australia.

The technology tracks the performance of residential solar PV systems, reporting the results back to the householder as well as identifying and correcting faults and inefficiencies—measures that have been shown to increase the energy yield of a rooftop solar system by as much as 15 per cent.

According to Solar Analytics’ estimates, more than half of all Australian rooftop solar systems are under-performing, while another 14 per cent are not working at all at any given point in time. Hardly any solar households—5-10 percent—use monitoring technology.

Learn about the long-term goals of Solar Analytics at RenewEconomy.

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