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California Solar Project Partners With Local Investors

The new farm is in collaboration with the local electric provider and residents, and will power nearly 600 homes a year.

As reported by Karina Ioffee of the East Bay Times.

The city and public electricity provider Marin Clean Energy unveiled a new, two-megawatt solar farm Tuesday that will generate energy to power up to 600 homes each year, the equivalent of taking 114 cars off the road.

The site, located off the Richmond Parkway in North Richmond, is the city’s first feed-in tariff project that partners with local entrepreneurs who generate solar energy on their properties and then sell it back to MCE. The idea is to create incentives for solar installations, since land owners can quality for federal tax incentives.

“There is an unprecedented opportunity to provide power generation right in the places where people use it and employ the people who live there,” said Richmond Mayor Tom Butt, who also serves on MCE’s board of directors.

Read details about the solar farm from the East Bay Times.

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