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Governor Appointed PUC Rolls Back Solar Incentives in Maine

Maine’s Public Utilities Commission is dead set on turning the state into an economic time capsule.

The State of Maine Public Utilities Commission is appointed by the state Governor. The current trio was all selected by Governor LePage between 2014 and 2015.

As written by Matt Power, Green Builder Media:

Have you ever had a friend who seems determined to undermine his own success? Sometimes I feel like that about my own State of Maine. We’re a stubborn bunch. We don’t like to play by Washington’s rules, and we especially don’t like to do what people “from away” are doing, even if it works.

The recent decision to phase out solar incentives is one of those moments. Apparently we don’t care what those shifty characters in Massachusetts are doing. Sure, they’ve installed ten times more solar than we have. Their economy is growing at a pace that puts them in the top 10 in the nation, and kids are not fleeing their state. But that’s TWO HOURS away! They’re practically foreigners, so CLEARLY, nothing they’re doing is replicable here in Maine. And that goes double for anything modern and high tech, like renewable energy.

Read the whole article by the experts at Green Builder Media.

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