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Non-Profit Project Puts Solar Lighting in African and Indian Homes for $45 Per Household

This outstanding organization is using the full potential of solar technology to improve lives among people who make $2 or less a day. The panels give them phone charging as well as nighttime reading lights. Here’s info from their website:

Most Recent Project: The Rangpur Solar Village Project, Bihar India

In the Spring of 2016, Solar Village Project implemented our 4th full scale project in the village of Rangpur located in Bihar, India. Rangpur village has 200 homes without access to electricity. Just like all of our previous projects each home in Rangpur received their own Solar Home Lighting System bringing much needed light and power to over 1000 people living in the village. Our projects rely on the generosity of donors willing to give to those who have been left behind when it comes to one of the most basic necessities of the 21st century, electricity, so please donate today.
Cisse Masse Solar Village Project In Senegal Africa

In Feb. 2016 the Solar Village Project will implemented our first project in Africa. The village of Cisse Masse in northern Senegal is home to approximately 350 living in 65 homes without access to any electricity. Just like the other villages Solar Village Project has worked with every home in Cisse Masse received their own individual solar home lighting system capable of providing ample clean burning light and charging cell phones.

This project was implemented by Solar Village Project’s Africa team leaders Mike Varhola and Mak Drame. Mike Varhola is from Silver Spring Maryland and played a major role in fundraising for our most recent Solar Village Project in Kihare Village. Mak Drame is originally from Senegal and is currently working here in Maryland at the National Institute Of Health (N.I.H) as a Research Biologist. Cisse Masse village is the home to Mak Drame’s uncle making it a logical starting point for our expansion into Africa.

Without access to electricity, studying by a camp fire or a kerosene lamp is the only alternative. The Solar Village Project is looking forward to ensuring these kids have a source of clean bright light to study with in the near future.

Most Recent Project In India: The Kihare Village Project

In June 2015, we successfully completed the Kihare Solar Village Project. Kihare is located 10 miles from Gauterine, and its inhabitants were too financially challenged to afford the cost of $45 for a basic solar home-lighting system in their homes. The village as a whole has never had the advantage of electricity before. Earning an average daily income of less than $2.00, Kihare’s people represent the poorest strata of Indian society and needed our help.

We raised over $8,000 dollars and purchased 150 Solar home Lighting Systems. We distributed all 150 solar home lighting units in Kihare Village ensuring that no home is forced to go without light and the ability to charge their cell phones.

For only $45 dollars we supplied each household with a solar powered home lighting system capable of providing thousands of hours of bright and efficient LED lighting.

A Brief History of Previous Projects and Activities:

The Solar Village Project arose from several projects undertaken by board members Sunil Sharma and Joe Kselman. After a serendipitous meeting in 2012 as tour guide and tourist, the pair quickly became friends. Joe visited Sunil’s village and noticed the striking lack of a power source in the adjacent village of Gauterine. Sharing similar interests in seeing the people of Gauterine benefit from the access to electricity, the two eventually discussed the challenges of installing a power system in the Gauterine village school to address the lack of electricity there. DONATE HERE.

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