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Report: Renewable Energy Could Meet All Midwest Electricity Needs by 2050

A recently published report suggests that renewable energy of wind and solar could meet between 96 and 100% of Midwest energy demands.

As reported by Andy Balaskovitz for Midwest Energy News.

“As lawmakers debate relatively modest renewable energy standards across the Midwest — or seek to halt them all together — clean energy groups, public officials and California researchers highlighted plans last month for the region to get to 100

Don Graham / Creative Commons
Don Graham / Creative Commons

percent renewables by 2050.

Led by Mark Jacobson, director of Stanford University’s Atmosphere and Energy Program, the Solutions Project says each state can hit a 100 percent renewable mix through wind, water and solar within 35 years.

According to Jacobson’s figures — which were first published in a paper last year — wind and solar could meet all of Indiana’s and Illinois’ energy needs; 99.9 percent of Ohio’s; 99.8 percent of Iowa’s; 99 percent of Wisconsin’s; 98.3 percent of Michigan’s; and 96.4 percent of Minnesota’s.

“The idea is to electrify everything,” Jacobson said on a conference call last month. For Michigan alone, “the benefit of all this is we calculate it would create about 50,000 net jobs, eliminate 1,700 air pollution deaths and about $1,300 per person, per year in health costs.””

Read the full article from Midwest Energy News.

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