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Residential Solar: A Guidebook for Consumers

This handy six-page document from SEIA offers sound advice for homeowners looking at solar leasing and other options.SEIA book


Know your electricity usage.
You should understand how much electricity your home uses. Your utility bill will show your electricity usage in kilowatt hours (kWh) and the amount you pay for that
electricity. Are you planning any changes that will affect your electricity use (such as buying an
electric vehicle, planning an addition to your home, or improving your home’s energy efficiency)? Discuss your usage with the solar companies you interview to get a system sized for your needs
Know your roof
.Is your roof appropriate for solar? Look at its physical features and discuss with a solar professional. A solar professional can calculate the amount of sunlight expected to reach a planned system over the course of a year. Does it receive a good amount of sunlight or is it mostly shaded? What about the age of the roof? If you plan on replacing it soon, you may want to replace it prior to a rooftop solar installation. In America, roofs facing due north are not good candidates for solar because they don’t receive direct sunlight.

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